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Prince Jacob – Comedy King of the Konkani Stage

Prince Jacob with Trophy
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About Prince Jacob:
Did you know that the real name of Prince Jacob is Minguel Jacob Carmo Luis Fernandes? He made his debut in the field of Tiatr at the age of 13, in Rosario Dias’ tiatr “Chuk Hanvem Adharli” in 1973.

Besides being a successful director and a comedian Prince Jacob is also known for experimenting and introducing novelties and innovations on the tiatr stage. For e.g., To make certain scenes very effective, he introduced magic or illusion for Tiatrs such as ‘Pidda’ and ‘Raja Rani’. In his tiatr ‘Panvnnek’ a living dog as part of the story, this unique move created sensation among the tiatr audience. In another tiatr ‘Pavlam’ he introduced a real handicapped person.

His first tiatr was ‘Pinzrem’. The tiatrs written by him were named in such a way that the initials of Tiatr were in the letter ‘P’ For e.g. ‘Pavnnek’, ‘Pordexi’, ‘Pangllo’, ‘Poltodd’, ‘Poixe-Poixe’, ‘Patkam’, ‘Pisso’, ‘Podvi’, ‘Put’, ‘Posco’, etc. In this way he wrote and directed and staged 25 Tiatrs; the 25th being ‘Padri’ which subsiquently became the first tiatr in the history to complete 315 performances.

Prince Jacob and his Brother Humbert Fernandes as Laurel and Hardy (Year: 1990’s?)

After25 productions starting with letter ‘P’ as initials he started another chain of production but this time with letter ‘R’ as initials. For e.g. ‘Raja Rani’, ‘Rag’, ‘Rostad’, ‘Rupia’, ‘Rontto’, ‘Rogot’, ‘Rudan’, ‘Randponn’, ‘Rajvodki’ etc.,

For the first time in the history of konkani tiatr, a full length Marathi drama ‘Sahi re Sahi’ was translated in Konkani and converted into a tiatr. ‘Sahi re Sahi’ was written by Kedar Shinde and was running succesfully in Maharashtra.

Besides being a director, writer and actor, Prince Jacob is also a good lyricist and a singer. So far he has produced 11 Konkani Albums. He has also produced two Konkain Films: 1.) ‘Padri’ (Celluloid Film) and 2.) ‘Roddonaka’ (HD film).

Prince Jacob is not only an excellent artist, but an excellent human being too. He is a social worker with a difference. A patriot who is proud to be an Indian. He uses certain percentage of his earnings for human causes. He has helped children to undergo operations, he collected funds towards Road Activities Vitims Trust. From the profits of Tiatr ‘Padri’, an amount of about Rs. 2.70 Lakhs was donated for the formation of Priests and Nuns, during Kargil War, he collected Rs. 52,000/- and sent it for the welfare of the Jawans.

Prince Jacob believes that to excel in any field one needs to work hard and any work produced due to hard work will never lose its importance. Sincere effort will pay you back. Prince Jacob is a living example of success through hard work. He is presently the President of Tiatr Academy of Goa (TAG) and RJ at Radio Mirchi.