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Sobit Amchem Goem

Music flows in the blood of the people of Goa and this song is the testimony.  “You’re So Beautiful”Canção do ParaisoSobit Amchem Goem.

This Song by Jeremiah 29:11 & YAHnEka has a mix of Konkani , English and Portuguese. It not only praises our land but also makes a very strong Anti-Mopa airport pitch and calls to rise up to the occasion. Fast up-beat music and Konkani rap makes it truly Canção do Paraiso (song of paradise). However, the video could have been better.

Singers in the sequence of  appearance : Benjamine Pinto, Norman Almeida, Menino Dias, Ronald Perry Da Silva, Bismarco Pinto, Lokesh Madan, Hitesh Madan .
Backup Vocals : Norman Almeida, Menino Dias, Bismarco Pinto, Ronaldo Perry Da Silva, Nazario Pereira & Terry Pinto.

♬ Thodo Thodo Pavs Podo ♩… ♪ Vell athan Sakalincho ♬…

This song “Goean than Bomboi” went on to become Jerome D’Souza’s Biggest HIT !!!! The perfect song for the season which captures the mood of the season and takes you on that journey from Bombay to Goa! Enjoy the song and share it with your loved ones…