About us

WHAT is ‘Goenchi Mathi‘ ALL ABOUT?

“I may not have gone where I intended to go, but I think I have ended up where I needed to be.”                                                    – Douglas Adams, The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul

We, a group of young Goans belonging to different professional backgrounds, have come forward with the sole aim of portraying Goa and its importance in the true sense. In spite of the prevailing evils in Goa; or the way Goa is looked upon by others as place of fun and frolic, that isn’t what Goa is all about. There is a lot that we as Goans could possibly do to preserve our culture and our identity.

Goans are wrongly tagged as ‘susegaad’. ‘Susegaad’ doesn’t mean lazy, instead, it means a carefree life in harmony with all beings. So here we are to reveal to the others through our group calledGoenchi Mathi – Rooted to the soil’ is a non-profit organization, where ‘Mathi’ (soil) symbolizes the correlation of the common man with the soil or nature. We are here to make known the common people of Goa and the Goan identity.

We intend to focus on the common things happening within the state and convey its significance to everyone at large. Many hands put together for this noble cause will definitely yield a great outcome. We wish to bring about a positive change and this change will not just happen with the few of us. Each one of you is expected to be the instrument of change for things to fall in place. With this idea in mind, we a group of young Goans have forward to make everyone else known, what Goa is actually about!

  • Highlighting the many little things happening in our state which often go un-noticed.
  • Bringing about awareness of various issues in Goa.
  • Uniting Goa and Goans across the nation and the world at large.
  • Providing information that will benefit the masses.
  • Signifying the importance of our rich Goan as well as Portuguese-Goan Heritage of which most of us are ignorant.

And hereby we wish to convey to the reader the authentic feel of amchem Goem through ‘Goenchi Mathi’.
Read, enjoy & share…

Let’s move on to make known the common man of Goa and the true Goan identity that makes GOA indeed God’s Own Abode!

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