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Rajma Chawal

rajma rhawal


– Rajma or red bean or kidney bean – 1½ cup

–  Basmati or any rice – 2½ cup

– Lemon juice – 1 tea spoon

– Onion – 1 no

– Green chilli – 2 no (adjust as per your taste)

– Salt – as per taste

For seasoning

– Cloves – 5 no

– Green cardamom – 4 no

– Cinnamon stick – 2 inch long

– Bay leaf – 3 no

– Black pepper corn – ½ tea spoon

– Cumin seeds – ½ tea spoon

– Ghee/butter – 1 table spoon


Soak rajma for 10 to 12 hours; wash, boil till soft, drain water and keep rajma (It takes around 20 to 25 minutes of pressure cooking time for me. Also, while pressure cooking add little salt and a pinch of turmeric powder).

Soak rice for 20 minutes, then drain and keep rice; in the mean time chop onion and green chilli.

In a hot cooker, add ghee and do the seasoning; now add onion, green chilli and fry till onion is golden in colour; then add drained rice and fry for few minutes.

Add water (for 1 cup of rice I used 1½ cup water), salt, lemon juice and mix well; close and pressure cook (after the steam comes in full pressure put the weight) in low flame for 5 minutes; allow it to cool and then open (or you can cook rice as per your cooker specifications).

Now add boiled rajma with rice and mix gently.

Your  Rajma Chawal is ready to be served.

Stir fry Okra

Beautiful and fresh Okra straight from my garden.

lady finger

stir fry okra


–  5 – 6 okra’s  / lady finger  (diagonally cut)

–   2 big onions sliced

–  3-4 kokum

–  3 -4 tbsp oil

– salt to taste


In a wok put some oil and fry onions till they turn golden brown .

Once done add okra’s and fry them for another  5 -6 mins till the okra’s turn soft .

Now add kokum and salt and stir till all the okra and onion are seasoned properly.

Serve it Hot .


Are you so very much fascinated to read books? if Yes, I’m sure you’d very much use a “book-mark” while you do so. Aren’t you bored of BUYING things more often than doing something yourself that would bring out the best in you? Are you willing enough to bring out your hidden interest of Art & craft? Are you so worn out that you just need to find ways to spend time doing something constructive?
Here’s something you can do or teach anyone to do to unleash your talents at Art. All you need is a little bit of TIME & PATIENCE. Here before you is a short step-wise method of preparing a Book-Mark yourself. So there you go…


  •       Tinted paper (any colour of your choice)
  •       Glue
  •       Paper-punch/ special scissors with desired shape of cut-outs/ designs (available at any stationary)
  •       Pair of Scissors
  •       Ribbon (any colour)
  •       Cardboard (2mm thickness)
  •       Ruler, pencil & glitter pens (any colour)


Measure & cut out the cardboard of desired dimensions for the book-mark (preferably 20 x 5cm) and keep it aside.


Measure & cut out two sets of tinted paper (a) 20 x 5cm & (b) 18 x 4cm and keep it aside (preferably of two contrasting colours per set).

Using the paper-punch of required design punch the tinted paper of 18 x 4cm.


The paper border can also be cut using special scissors to give a good effect.

Stick the tinted paper of 20 x 5cm dimension onto the cardboard on one-side leaving the other side free.

Now stick the tinted paper of 18 x 4cm dimension onto the cardboard having the tinted paper previously stuck.

Punch a hole at the top left hand corner of the newly designed cardboard with the tinted paper.

Using the glitter pens, a few wordings can be written on the punched paper which is stuck on the cardboard (optional).

Pass a ribbon of suitable colour through the punched hole, make a knot at the centre and leave its ends free.

Leave it to dry for some time. Your book – mark is now ready to use/ to be gifted.

Note: Avoid using chart paper as it is too thick to be punched by the special punch. Instead, any paper of very fine thickness can be used.

Try it out and revert back to us with your feedback.